Women and Girls with Autism

Here’s a website I discovered recently. It’s the Yale University Initiative for Women and Girls with Autism. Find it HERE. Here’s what the Initiative says about itself:

Over the last ten years, ASD interventionists and researchers have begun to appreciate that the development of socialization and communication processes for girls and women is quite different from that of boys and men. Unfortunately, the research and intervention implications of these differences have not been systematically addressed for girls and women with ASDs. The Initiative is designed to address these communication and socialization differences through recreational and communal activities. These activities allow our participants to pursue their particular interests and leisure activities in a safe and supportive environment.

The purposes of the Initiative are:

* To understand the unique needs of teens and young women with ASDs;
* To promote social development through recreational and communal activities and to measure gains in social development, a sense of personal competency and self-worth;
* To educate others and inspire research regarding the unique profile and needs of girls with ASDs.

Our Girls’ Social Group will meet again on Tuesday, April 4. We have some new younger girls and would like to welcome more so the younger girls and the older girls could meet in 2 smaller groups at the same time. Follow this blog by filling out the form or by emailing us at lschuck51@gmail.com.


Book Review and April Meeting

We had a great meeting in March with a couple of new faces. Join us in April!

Want to read a good book about parenting a child and young adult with autism? Finding Ben is a nonfiction account of one family’s experience. I think you’ll find that Ben’s mom is a lot like you or a friend of yours. She’s a smart lady who is competent and achieves a great deal in her life. But the birth of Ben, her first child, is the beginning of a new journey.

Ben is a blessing, but he is a blessing wrapped in challenges! Ben’s mom relates the story of Ben’s beginnings, the struggles in her marriage, the discovery that there is a name for the set of symptoms Ben displays. There are some pages that will be discouraging to some parents, but overall, the story shows us that there is hope in the journey.

This is a great book to read and share with family members. I gave a warning to people  with whom I shared the book…read all the way to the end. You want to catch the hope and joy that come from the whole story of Finding Ben.

Our next meeting will be on the first Tuesday of April, April 4th. Bring your daughter and join us! We’d like to have a few younger girls (12-16?) so that they could meet in another room on another day than the older girls.


Girls Social Group March 7, 6:30 PM

The Girls’ Social Group will meet on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:30 PM. We are meeting at Anna’s Schuck’s house, 1981 Eden Road, in Mason. Anna’s mom, Lydia, will be facilitating activities for the girls. We’ll be playing a get-to-know-you game and will have lots of options for things to do with beads.

Parents can meet at Lydia and Nathan’s house across the street (1988 Eden Road) or drop off a young lady and come back at 8:00 PM.

Join our mailing list and get announcements of our meetings!

The Girls’ Social Group includes young women who range from 15 to 26, most of whom have some kind of social challenge, such as autism or Asperger Syndrome Any girl over age 12 is welcome to come and make new friends. We started the group to give girls who have social challenges a place to form friendships away from the rough and tumble of school hallways!

Call Lydia at 517-676-4621 for more information.