May 2 Girls’ Social Group meeting

Our next Girls’ Social Group meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 2, at 6:30 PM. We meet at Anna Schuck’s house at 1981 Eden Road in Mason, Michigan. We’ll be doing a short social activity first, and then the young women usually just enjoy talking about anything they want. I’ll have the materials there to make tactile pages for a service project: making books for blind preschoolers. Girls can bring their own projects, drawing materials, or nothing at all.

If parents want to be nearby during the meeting, Anna’s parents’ home is across the street, with a cozy porch. Moms and Dads have enjoyed meeting other parents whose daughters have difficulty in social situations. Join us.

April 4 Social Group meeting promises new friends for young women as well as their parents

The Girls’ Social Group is meeting at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, April 4. This group for girls with social challenges, ages 12 and up, meets at 1981 Eden Road, just south of Mason, Michigan. Any young woman is welcome, but we especially want to invite girls who, for whatever reason, have a hard time making friends at school or in other locations.

Our last meeting included 4 girls, ages 24, 20, 18, and 12. We have had some interest from families with younger girls. Please come on over if you have a younger daughter…we’ll make a special place for younger girls to get to know each other.

This month, we’ll be working with sculpey clay and have coloring materials handy, but your daughter can bring anything she’d like to work on while the group talks together. As always, we’ll start with introductions and a short social skills activity.

Our goal is to give every young woman a reason to say, “I am going to see my friends tonight!” We meet at Anna Schuck’s house, and parents can stay to talk with each other at the Schuck family home, across the street from Anna’s house. Parents find this to be a place where they meet other parents with similar concerns. It’s a group that helps parents make new friends, too! Call Lydia Schuck, the group facilitator, 517-676-4621, if you need more information.