Girls’ Group June 20 and July 6

We formed a social group for girls and young women with social challenges to have fun and make friends. So we are happy to announce that due to increased interest, we’ve added a couple of meetings to our summer schedule. We’ll be meeting on June 20 and also July 6, at 6:30 PM in Mason, Michigan.

Last time we met, we played a fun game where we told each other what things we like to do. We finished this statement, “Oh boy, today I get to ____.” The participants had many responses, including make up a story, shop for favorite things, and make a tattoo for a doll. What would you say?

Then we each filled in the same blank, but with some activity that could make money. Did you know people pay other people to design tattoos for dolls? Join us at a girls’ group meeting sometime to learn interesting facts like these!

Email for more information: Lydia Schuck


Resource on College Accommodations

Check out this resource for college students with mental health concerns.

Outside-The-Box College Accommodations
Real Support for Real Students
Girls’ and Young Women’s social group meets June 6 at 6:30.
1981 Eden Road
Mason, MI 48854

June 6 Girls’ and Women’s Social Group meets near Lansing, MI

The Girls’ and Women’s Social Group is for young women who have Asperger Syndrome or similar issues. We don’t ask about disability labels, but this gives an idea of who we are. We meet from 6:30 to 8 PM at Anna Schuck’s house. Anna’s parents live across the street, and parents can meet there if they want to get together.

We do a getting-to-know-you activity, and a short social skills activity, then the girls talk together. We have some simple craft items or girls can bring their own materials to work on while they visit. Some of our participants like to draw or color while mostly listening, rather than talking.

Contact us at beside this post or in the form below.