Building Financial Capability Among Youth — Next Girls’ Group September 5

The National Consortium on Workforce and Disability has created a new Info-Brief that includes useful and important information for parents and service providers.  Click on the link below to see the brief.  It is in a nice pdf format that you can share with other parents and professionals.

Summary of Information on Building Financial Capability Among Youth

Our next Girls’ and Young Women’s group meeting will be September 5th. This might be the first day of school for younger girls, but many of our current participants liked this date. We are getting more visits from younger girls, age 12 or so. If you have been thinking of visiting the group with a younger girl, this is a great time. We want to have separate groups for younger and older. We can do that if we have a couple more younger girls coming.

We meet from 6:30 to 8 PM at Anna Schuck’s house, 1981 Eden Road, Mason, MI  48854. Sign up at the right to be on our mailing list.