What We Did Last Night–Meeting Again October 3

Last night the girls group met at Anna Schuck’s house. We had 4 participants. We did a short icebreaker so that participants who had not met before could introduce themselves. We told what we like about this time of year…Among the answers: Pumpkin Spice everything, the cool and warm days, not hot anymore, the spicy smells of the falling leaves, and more…

Then we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples. Our cards are brailled because a couple of our participants use braille. Now there’s a fun game! We’ve also used those same cards as ice breakers, like this, “Pick a card that represents you and tell us why it does.”

We had some snacks and then the parents went across the street to the Schuck family house. The group participants stayed at Anna Schuck’s house, talking and looking at music stuff. Visit us next month, on the 3rd (first Tuesday) and the 19th (third Thursday). In November and December, we’ll have just the first Tuesday meetings.

Girls Group Meeting Thurs 9/21 “How we spend our time”

At a recent girls’ group meeting, we talked about  how we spend our free time. Here’s what we found out about each other. We like to

  • Create with sculpey clay
  • Read
  • Go outdoors
  • Play piano, keyboard, guitar, or clarinet
  • Go shopping for fun
  • Listen to music
  • Draw on graphics tablet
  • Sing in my bedroom
  • Practice learning Japanese
  • Play with dolls and tell stories
  • Play a new game

What do you like to do? Come to the girls’ group on September 21 from 6:30 until 8 PM at the Schucks’ house: 1981 Eden Road, Mason. Sign up to receive this blog and you will keep getting announcements of our meetings. We are looking for girls ages 12 up to ?? who may have autism or related social challenges, or who just want to make new friends.