How do YOU find housing for a friend with disabilities?

We’re looking for an apartment for our young adult child who has several disabilities. She has a very small microbusiness, which is the best thing in her life, but essentially, she lives on SSI. That’s poverty, friends. So we’re looking for options for inexpensive housing that can also be somewhat supportive.


We’ll be sharing our strategies for apartment hunting, but we thought we’d give you the chance to share your ideas first. So how do you find a place for your child or friend to live? Tell us all about it in the box below.

Photo by Adriaan Greyling from Pexels

2 thoughts on “How do YOU find housing for a friend with disabilities?

  1. Therese M Mensah says:

    My brother has a TBI. My parents cared for him until they were in their 70’s, but I could see it was getting difficult for them. They cared for him for 27 years after his TBI! We didn’t know where to start, so I called the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. That phone call led to another resource which led to another resource, and they were able to help with finding my brother a place of residency in a group home. It all worked out well for my parents and brother.


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