Back to School–It’s a different experience every year

colored pencil pointsLots of families have their kids in new school settings, or in the same ones as last year, but let’s face it, every year IS different.

Parents can really encourage each other through all kinds of situations. You might be surprised at the Facebook groups related to specific special education or medical diagnoses. I’ve seen one for the blindness-related syndrome ONH/SOD, another for albinism NOAH, another for CHARGE syndrome, and many for autism. Michigan has a group called Michigan Autism/Special Needs for Adults 18+. These are great places to find out who is in your area and what they need. Or go to those groups to ask your questions. Many of these groups are closed, and only members can see the posts. That is for the members’ privacy, not to keep visitors out. Ask to join and then get involved.

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