Increasing Emotional Resilience in Young Adults who have Autism

Have you heard of Dialectical Behavior Therapy? It’s a set of practical strategies for resolving some of the emotional distress associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders. A group will be starting at MSU in the new year for young adults with autism to learn DBT strategies. The name of the DBT program is Emotion Regulation. See details below. We’ve also attached a flyer for you to share.
Emotion Regulation is about understanding and reducing vulnerability to emotions, changing unwanted emotions, and increasing emotional resilience.
We are looking for:
College students with ASD
Young Adults (18 -26 yrs) Diagnosed with  ASD
Understand my emotions
Decrease emotional suffering
Change unwanted emotions C
Tips for emotional coping strategies
90 minute program
8 week group intervention
Where? Michigan State University Campus
For more information, please contact: Gloria Lee Ph.D., CRC  (517) 432-3623   leekalai@msu.edu OR Heekyung Lee M.A.  (734) 623-960   leeheek1@msu.edu
Download a flyer about the program and share with friends and colleagues.

ER intervention flyer

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