Getting together Spring 2021

cup of steaming coffee

Starting on April 16 and going through June 11, Eden Transition will once again be hosting social groups on Friday afternoons in downtown Mason. We’ll gather in front of Bestsellers Books and Cafe. Then we’ll either stay there at tables in the street (if the tables are there like they were in the fall), or we’ll go across the street to the courthouse lawn. Bring a chair if you can…at least until the tables are back in front of the cafe again. Email to find out the times and other details.

We are looking for youth and young adults who like to socialize and like to think and talk about their futures. (We don’t use phones during our meetings so that we can pay more attention to each other. Please don’t plan on playing games or texting unless it’s an emergency. You’ll be able to call or text the person who is picking you up at the end of the meeting.)

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