Eden Transition Alliance History

Eden Transition Alliance started in 2008 as an informal social group for girls and young women with Asperger Syndrome. Our group was then called Asperger Teen Girls and a Few Friends, or ATGAFF. ATGAFF was an opportunity for Anna Schuck, the daughter of the Eden Transition Alliance founder, to make some new friends. We quickly found that other families were also looking for a social experience for their daughters, away from the rough and tumble of school hallways.

We became a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization in 2010. Our board members include Karla Schroeder, Teresa Bates, Mabel Menadier, Neil Burcroff. Including the founder, Lydia Schuck, three of the board members are parents of young adults with autism or related issues.

…other families were looking for a

social experience for their daughters.

In 2015, we received our first grant funding from the Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund. Their $1900 grant allowed us to buy a Mac computer for the group’s members to use for tech exploration, and software for conversion of print into Braille for two of our members. In 2016, we received funding from the Michigan Parents of Visually Impaired Children. This group provided $800 to buy social skills books and games, craft supplies, and a printer and supplies.

Our next steps include increasing the number of participants and groups. We hope to have groups geared toward the needs of younger and older girls and even BOYS!! Follow the blog on our main page to stay updated.

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