Girls’ Group Meeting on October 19 in Mason

Girls’ Group, facilitated by Lydia Schuck and sponsored by Eden Transition Alliance, will meet on Thursday, October 19th.

Please join us at 6:30 at Anna Schuck’s home, 1981 Eden Road Mason, MI 48854.
Contact Lydia Schuck, transition specialist, at 517-676-4621, or reply to this email.

Join us: Meet new friends and share ideas about growing into successful adults.

At this meeting, we’ll have some social time, a snack, time to talk together, and time to share ideas of things we want to learn to move toward adult life goals.

Parents are invited to join in for the introductions and then either meet together or return to pick up girls at 8:00 PM. First time visitors may choose to have parents stay at the meeting. We laugh a lot and make new friends. Try out our group. There is no charge for participating.

What We Did Last Night–Meeting Again October 3

Last night the girls group met at Anna Schuck’s house. We had 4 participants. We did a short icebreaker so that participants who had not met before could introduce themselves. We told what we like about this time of year…Among the answers: Pumpkin Spice everything, the cool and warm days, not hot anymore, the spicy smells of the falling leaves, and more…

Then we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples. Our cards are brailled because a couple of our participants use braille. Now there’s a fun game! We’ve also used those same cards as ice breakers, like this, “Pick a card that represents you and tell us why it does.”

We had some snacks and then the parents went across the street to the Schuck family house. The group participants stayed at Anna Schuck’s house, talking and looking at music stuff. Visit us next month, on the 3rd (first Tuesday) and the 19th (third Thursday). In November and December, we’ll have just the first Tuesday meetings.

Girls Group Meeting Thurs 9/21 “How we spend our time”

At a recent girls’ group meeting, we talked about  how we spend our free time. Here’s what we found out about each other. We like to

  • Create with sculpey clay
  • Read
  • Go outdoors
  • Play piano, keyboard, guitar, or clarinet
  • Go shopping for fun
  • Listen to music
  • Draw on graphics tablet
  • Sing in my bedroom
  • Practice learning Japanese
  • Play with dolls and tell stories
  • Play a new game

What do you like to do? Come to the girls’ group on September 21 from 6:30 until 8 PM at the Schucks’ house: 1981 Eden Road, Mason. Sign up to receive this blog and you will keep getting announcements of our meetings. We are looking for girls ages 12 up to ?? who may have autism or related social challenges, or who just want to make new friends.


Building Financial Capability Among Youth — Next Girls’ Group September 5

The National Consortium on Workforce and Disability has created a new Info-Brief that includes useful and important information for parents and service providers.  Click on the link below to see the brief.  It is in a nice pdf format that you can share with other parents and professionals.

Summary of Information on Building Financial Capability Among Youth

Our next Girls’ and Young Women’s group meeting will be September 5th. This might be the first day of school for younger girls, but many of our current participants liked this date. We are getting more visits from younger girls, age 12 or so. If you have been thinking of visiting the group with a younger girl, this is a great time. We want to have separate groups for younger and older. We can do that if we have a couple more younger girls coming.

We meet from 6:30 to 8 PM at Anna Schuck’s house, 1981 Eden Road, Mason, MI  48854. Sign up at the right to be on our mailing list.


MSU – Friendship Club and Parent Well-Being Group

Just passing this item from my email to our readers:
The MSU Psychological Clinic is offering a Friendship Club starting in Fall of 2017. Friendship Club is a group for children aged 8 to 12 years with high-functioning autism or related conditions that cause difficulty with social interactions. This group focuses on building knowledge and practicing skills which are important prerequisites for building friendships. Through participation in this group, children will learn to recognize and cope with various emotions, think and behave flexibility, compromise and navigate conflicts, and set goals for themselves at home or in school using evidence-based strategies.
In addition to the child group, a parent group will offered. The Parent Wellness Group is a structured support group for parents of children with autism and similar diagnoses. The group offers parents the opportunity to discuss issues directly related to raising a child on the spectrum. Through participation in the group, parents learn skills such as advocacy, mindfulness, resource building, and behavior activation.
The above two groups run concurrently – parents participate in one while their child is in the other. The groups meet once weekly for approximately 15 weeks. If you are interested in participating or would like more information about this group, please contact the MSU Psychological Clinic at (517) 355-9564.

Girls want to have friends. That’s why we’ll meet on 8/1.

IMG_2286The Girls’ and Young Women’s social group will meet on August 1 from 6:30 until 8 PM. The group meets at Anna Schuck’s house at 1981 Eden Road, Mason, MI 48854. Call Lydia at 517-676-4621 in the evenings if you want more information, or email You can also leave a message bemary's ipod pics 2 034low.



Girls’ Group Plans July 6

The Social Group for girls and young women will meet on July 6 from 6:30 to 8 PM at Anna Schuck’s house, 1981 Eden Road in Mason.

We’ll be getting to know each other, play a game, work (play?) with Anna’s synthesizer and make pages for a book of 3D flower pictures. Curious? Want to get in on the fun? Join us this time or on August 1.



Girls’ Group June 20 and July 6

We formed a social group for girls and young women with social challenges to have fun and make friends. So we are happy to announce that due to increased interest, we’ve added a couple of meetings to our summer schedule. We’ll be meeting on June 20 and also July 6, at 6:30 PM in Mason, Michigan.

Last time we met, we played a fun game where we told each other what things we like to do. We finished this statement, “Oh boy, today I get to ____.” The participants had many responses, including make up a story, shop for favorite things, and make a tattoo for a doll. What would you say?

Then we each filled in the same blank, but with some activity that could make money. Did you know people pay other people to design tattoos for dolls? Join us at a girls’ group meeting sometime to learn interesting facts like these!

Email for more information: Lydia Schuck


Resource on College Accommodations

Check out this resource for college students with mental health concerns.

Outside-The-Box College Accommodations
Real Support for Real Students
Girls’ and Young Women’s social group meets June 6 at 6:30.
1981 Eden Road
Mason, MI 48854

June 6 Girls’ and Women’s Social Group meets near Lansing, MI

The Girls’ and Women’s Social Group is for young women who have Asperger Syndrome or similar issues. We don’t ask about disability labels, but this gives an idea of who we are. We meet from 6:30 to 8 PM at Anna Schuck’s house. Anna’s parents live across the street, and parents can meet there if they want to get together.

We do a getting-to-know-you activity, and a short social skills activity, then the girls talk together. We have some simple craft items or girls can bring their own materials to work on while they visit. Some of our participants like to draw or color while mostly listening, rather than talking.

Contact us at beside this post or in the form below.