Waiting for something to change?

If you’re like me and my family, you’ve been muddling along, getting things done, but hoping for a big change so that you can feel confident about going out and getting together with friends and family.

But, if you ARE like me, you’re still a little puzzled about what to do, how to spend time together, and how to help people with disabilities get together with friends and family, too.

So first of all, be watching for a little survey to get your opinions about our social groups meeting again. We were on a roll in the spring, meeting in downtown Mason, and getting some new members. Is it time to get together again?

Secondly, if you’re visiting here and not yet following this blog, click on contact us to get to the place where you add your email and say you want to follow. You’ll get every post. I often send a separate email to more people when I post something, but sometimes only the followers will find out that there is a post. So follow. I am trying to share the best information I know about related to starting adult life in Lansing, Michigan.

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