Online tools to explore careers

Free Career Test Online - 60 question free career test uncovers the scientific summary of your work personality. Generates a detailed full version option with lists of careers and jobs plus. Mapping Your Future: Explore careers Mapping Your Future is a nonprofit organization committed to helping students, families, and schools navigate the... Continue Reading →


One of our participants has had a story published in the Michigan Family Connections Newsletter. You can read it below! I'm going to tell you about how I got started as a retailer. It all started when I was about three years old. My mom had gotten some plastic animals for me. I played with... Continue Reading →

Things to know and do in Lansing

I grew up outside of Chicago, with great transportation, lots of interesting people in my school, and a beautiful lake about a mile from my house. Here in Lansing we have good transportation, lots of interesting people in the schools, workplaces, cafes, and colleges, and the same big lake, well it's a couple of hours... Continue Reading →

First Steps into Adult Life

It can be very challenging to take your first steps into adult life. If you are a young adult with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to find work, you might try going to college. But if you also find it difficult or impossible to attend college right now, there's probably very few... Continue Reading →

Resource on College Accommodations

Check out this resource for college students with mental health concerns. Outside-The-Box College Accommodations Real Support for Real Students attached   Outside-The-Box College Accommodations Downloaded from from Girls' and Young Women's social group meets June 6 at 6:30. 1981 Eden Road Mason, MI 48854

Celebrating Together? Growing Adults

In our family, celebrating the birth of Christ is part of our faith tradition. Most families have traditions, but ours are changing as our children reach adulthood. First of all, the three girls in our family (ages 24, 21, and 15) are busier, with their own social commitments. We just aren't together as much as... Continue Reading →

What is transition to adulthood?

Everyone goes through transitions in life.  One important time of transition occurs when young people move from high school to adult life roles.  This can be tough for anyone, but youth with disabilities often face more barriers than other youth.   Youth who face social challenges want to have fun and friendship as much as anyone... Continue Reading →

What is transition to adulthood?

It's just what you might think.  Every child makes a transition to becoming an adult.  This journey to adulthood is different for every person.  We all faced obstacles in reaching adult life goals, but kids with disabilities may face more barriers than others.  Eden Transition Alliance is run by some folks who recognize that youth... Continue Reading →

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