What is transition to adulthood?

Everyone goes through transitions in life.  One important time of transition occurs when young people move from high school to adult life roles.  This can be tough for anyone, but youth with disabilities often face more barriers than other youth.   Youth who face social challenges want to have fun and friendship as much as anyone else.  We all like to have companions on our important journeys.  The transition to adulthood is an important journey.

Our director, Lydia Schuck, has 3 daughters who are making the transition to adulthood.  One of them has several disabilities.  From this experience, Lydia developed an academic and practical specialty in supporting youth with disabilities in transition to adulthood.  You can read a helpful article about transition at https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/fr/fr35/1/fr350106.htm.  This article tells about how Lydia’s family has travelled through the transition process.

Our social groups provide companionship and friendship on the journey to adulthood.  Parents of social group participants who talk together also find companionship on their own journeys!  Come join us.  See our Events calendar for social group dates.


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