What is transition to adulthood?

It’s just what you might think.  Every child makes a transition to becoming an adult.  This journey to adulthood is different for every person.  We all faced obstacles in reaching adult life goals, but kids with disabilities may face more barriers than others.  Eden Transition Alliance is run by some folks who recognize that youth with disabilities might need to make friends in a setting other than the school building, and might want to talk to adults who know what extra resources and supports are available to them.  We define the time of transition to adulthood as ages 14 to 26 for our social groups, but there are no hard and fast numbers.  Reaching age 29 or 39 or 49 is no guarantee of a smooth journey, and everyone faces bumps along the way.  Our goal is to support youth as they make the journey to adulthood.

Check our Event Calendar for more information.  And follow our site for updates (sidebar).

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