Celebrating Together? Growing Adults

In our family, celebrating the birth of Christ is part of our faith tradition. Most families have traditions, but ours are changing as our children reach adulthood. First of all, the three girls in our family (ages 24, 21, and 15) are busier, with their own social commitments. We just aren’t together as much as we used to be!

Along the same lines, our kids are all older, and we just don’t get as excited about everything the way we did when they were little. On the other hand, they all like getting each other gifts, and our youngest did the work of putting up decorations. (She also managed to destroy the plastic mistletoe that I had overlooked from last year!)

What will life will be like for our

adult children

when we are gone?

Sometimes the changing of seasons is a bit bittersweet as we reflect on our oldest daughter’s adult life.  We wonder if she will marry, live on her own, be able to manage money well, and to be happy when we are not in the picture anymore.  Now there’s a thought that will dampen the celebrations!  At those moments, I try not to think about all the people who asked me if I think about how she will get along without her parents some day.

Well, really, how could  I NOT be thinking about it? I don’t talk about it that often, but I certainly think about it every single day. My strategy for now is to keep teaching her about adult living. We continue our transition-to-adulthood conversation all year long, and I am celebrating that our daughter is more grown-up at the end of 2016 than she was at the end of 2015!  Is anybody else celebrating?

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